The last 29 years of my career were in corporate and investment banking, all that time at one firm - Scotiabank  - and all that time 100% focused on the oil and natural gas industry. Along the way I became Global Head of Energy for the firm and built a business with teams in Houston, London, Singapore and Latin America. 

​Flying 200,000 miles a year and a high pressure job takes a toll on your health and your family, the time finally came last year to hang it up.

Over the course of ou​r videos our team will provide some great content on the fantastic machine that is a Ferrari race car and we'll also just talk about our experiences managing life on a track and how to find a happier and more productive life. I can't talk about racing without discussing life lessons, and our desire is to better your life with hard hitting thoughts and ways to consider where you're spending your time and how to become the most fulfilled and happy person you can be. If your life sucks, is going nowhere, depressed or suicidal, feeling hopeless? We get it, tune-in, and hang on! Check out our new resources too, coming soon at


John Hennessey; The real RacerX, I want to be like you some day 

Lloyd Reeb, Halftime Institute, my coach who helped me on this journey

Mel Gibson, for the inspiration to inspire Faith through media

Jon Erwin, for being first to share the vision, and introducing me to Mel Gibson

​Tony Nevotti, Ferrari of Houston, Risi Competizione, my support in all things Ferrari

​Franco Valobra, Master Jeweler, Ferrari Afficionado, leaving your presence I always feel better than when I came in

​Jimmy Sites, Master Hunter, pal and Pastor, I'm trying to do what you have already done

LeDarion Carter, Mind Blowing Still Photography,

​Jehova Nissi, thank for introducing me to all those above, Nissi, our banner, our song

our creative talent:

Jon Erwin; The StoryTeller, Director, Filmmaker, Birmingham Alabama,

Kris Kimlin; The Video Head Chef, Cinematographer, Birmingham Alabama,

Grayson Blackburn; Director of Photography, University of Texas (18), Cinemaphotography,

​Mark Ammerman; RacerX, Executive Producer (Team Owner), Houston Texas,

Bobby Eberle; Professional Indy Lites Driver, Actor, Creative Partner, Houston,Texas,

Michael Bakowski; University of Texas (18), Cinematographer and Stills


want more ~ get there

Our team loves lots of things, and we love to talk and share all of them, but to be on RacerXmedia its got to be about Cars, and specifically Ferrari race cars, Tesla, and if a bike, MV Agusta or Ducati! Life on track is a blast and is not only fun to watch but dangerous,and serious.

Where there's serious attention to detail required, that is, in order to not risk your neck unnecessarily, life lessons give rise. We see daily life lessons in high performance cars and racing. We're taking our time to share this way of life with you and give you some insights from someone who's been on the road and experienced life changing lessons over and over again.

our mission